Memoir on Lost Friendship

By Bappaditya Paul

Failing in my desperate attempt to bask it under a coy winter Sun in the Himalayas, I realised, I was badly longing for warmth!
The temperature outside was far from being close to freezing, but still, nestled in an easy chair on the veranda, clad in sufficient woolen shields; I was shivering…shivering in utter melancholy!
The memories of my old friends, few away, some lost, were disturbing me. More so, as they were reminding me of the vibrant days that I lost behind. The days of chatter-patter, the afternoons of book fair and the evenings at film fest or Gandhi Mela – all lost, by whose fault, I helplessly wonder.

Eternal longing
Never ever in life so far, I fell short being caring, dedicated and honest to all my relations. This is no exaggeration, that, on occasions several, I curtailed on my valid ego, just to keep the friendships going.
I remember an instance!
Once during my days at the college, I had an argument with a mate, over the lewd remarks he hurled at someone I care. That resulted in spontaneous suspension of all our ties. After that, almost three years passed by, but none of us took the initiative to repair the damage. For both of us, life was moving on without any evident hassle.
But one fine morning, as I was taking a quick break from my pre-exam studies, a popular Kishore Kumar number sneaked into my heart, from the neighbourhood where it was being played on a stereo.
It was: “…Badme yaad mein rona pare jinki, Roklo unko ruthke jane na do…
The next thing I did was, rush to that friend of mine and tell him without any prelude, that, I was awfully missing him. In return, he clasped me to him as tears rolled out from his eyes and said he: “I knew, you would call me back…one day!”
Yet, there are a lot many valued relations that I could not save falling apart, from losing out to the harsh circumstances. Those cherished and treasured friendships, which I still long for after so many years and would probably continue doing so all through the remaining days of my life, vanished out in time, for no faults of mine or may be, not even theirs!
Time is such a master striker, even being an expert player, one can hardly guess, what its next move would be! Many a times, there comes a situation, when you are caught in a complete unwary state as your world go haywire.
Yet, Life rolls on, for, it has to. And being a mere plaything at its hands, I silently struggle to move on, hoping, all my lost relations would once again come alive…one day, for sure!


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