Airlines in India look for additional revenue source

Jet introduces “Flying Billboard

By bappaditya paul

Faced with a revenue crunch due to rising aviation turbine fuel price and escalation in other operational costs,  airlines in India are now seem to be looking for additional sources of income.

Walking on this line, Jet Airways has introduced a new concept of ‘sky advertising’ and has named it the Flying Billboard. While Jet is already preparing for its second sky ad campaign this July; sources in the aviation industry said, other private airlines are also weighing such an option to generate additional revenue.

In this form of advertisement, an airline paints on the passenger aircraft logos of popular products/brands at a price. The product name/logo is painted on the aircraft’s exterior and is kept for a period of eight weeks or more, as desired by the advertiser.

While airlines in the United States and Europe have been using this concept for some time now to earn additional revenue, Jet Airways is the first one to experiment with this in the Indian sky.

In January this year, Jet introduced the first-ever Flying Billboard in the India sky by launching a campaign for Nokia Lumia range of mobile handsets.

Now, the airline is gearing up to take up its second sky ad campaign in July when it will wrap a Boeing 737-800 aircraft with popular Disney characters Mickey and friends. This is being done under a pact with Disney Channel for its “Jet Set Go” summer campaign.
According to an aviation industry source, airlines operating in India are required to obtain prior permission and approvals (on the advertisement material) from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

When contacted, a Jet Airways spokesperson from Mumbai said: “We are complying with all DGCA directives in utilising the advertising space on aircraft exteriors.”
She however, denied divulging the sum of money that Jet is charging from the advertisers for the Flying Billboard campaign.
“Commercial terms are firmed up and kept confidential between Jet Airways and the advertiser(s),” she stated.

(The author is on the staff of The Statesman, India. This report first appeared in The Statesman on 30 May 2012.)


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