CPM revives Singur dream at mammoth Brigade rally

CPM Yechuri at Brigade plenum rally
CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury addressing the rally at Brigade Parade Ground in Kolkata on 27 December.

By bappaditya paul

WITH party activists filling Brigade Parade Ground to the brim, the CPI-M leadership on Sunday (27 December) revived the dream of industry at Singur, a move that had thrown the Left Front out of power about five years ago.

Singur now lies trapped in a legal battle between the Mamata Banerjee government and the Tata group, and the 1,000-odd acre land there now lay idle with neither industry having come up nor farming taking place.

Addressing the mammoth rally organised on Sunday at the start of the CPI-M’s third plenum since inception, CPI-M leadership made it clear that their main plank for the 2016 West Bengal Assembly polls would be “restoration of democracy” in the state by throwing out the Trinamool Congress, and creation of jobs for the unemployed through industrialisation.

All the leaders ~ from Biman Bose to Brinda Karat, Md Selim to Sitaram Yechury, Manik Sarkar to Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Surjya Kanta Mishra, launched a scathing attack on the Trinamool and BJP in the same breath.

But significantly, barring the Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, none uttered a word against the Congress, the Left’s one-time favourite punching bag. Rather they spoke of “broadening” the Left-democratic front to take on the “Trinamool-BJP combine.”

CPI-M Bengal state secretary and Polit Bureau member Surjya Kanta Mishra was more direct about the focus of the CPI-M in the next Assembly polls.

“It is us who can again take up industrialisation in Singur. It is us who can set up industry in Nayachar, in Purulia’s Raghunathpur to Salboni in Midnapore. We need to create jobs, jobs and jobs for lakhs of unemployed youths in Bengal,” Mishra said.

Giving another specific direction, he urged CPI-M workers to “sharpen the sickles.”

“The sickle that is there on our flags, the sickle that is there at your homes, is our strength, our weapon. If the sickles have acquired rust, sharpen them once again and get prepared for the fight,” Mishra said.

Brinda Karat said that those who had thought the red flag had faded away should come and have a look at the mammoth Brigade rally today. “The fight now is to out throw the undemocratic and anti-women, anti-people Trinamool government from Bengal, and we would do it.”

CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury maintained that the enthusiasm of the crowd he witnessed today has been unforeseen. “I have attended many Brigade rallies before, but the enthusiasm that I am witnessing today is extremely encouraging. The crowd has given the right feedback, and now the only slogan is Trinamool Hatao, Bengal BachaoBJP Hatao Desh Bachao.”

Upbeat by the huge turnout, Md Selim announced amidst huge applause, that today’s rally was “not a show of strength, rather, this rally is to challenge the Trinamool.”

(Bappaditya Paul is editor, NEWSMEN This report first appeared in the NEWSMEN on 27 December 2015.)


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